About Abbi


I am a passionately curious writer who loves to tell stories. I love my dog Groot, bright colors, sandy beaches, open minds, holidays, hummus, hosting, and ice cream cakes.

I spent the first three years of my career expanding my knowledge (and love) of magazines at Southern Living as a digital editor focusing on video production, overseeing all of the SL video content across platforms. I’ve come to not only understand the workings of a major corporation, but also the importance of media, branding, and staying true to your voice.

In September 2018, I left my job at the magazine to pursue another deep-seeded dream: traveling. For three months, I explored the cultures, languages, food, and people in 12 countries. You can follow along with my journey a bit through my blog posts, where I shared my experiences, struggles, and triumphs in traveling alone.

In December 2018, I took on a new role: marketing for a non-profit. Working for a mission-based organization has inspired me to invest whole-heartedly in my community and the people around me. It has been a season of growth.

In 2023, I relocated to Oregon where I’ve been able to do more of the beautiful, fulfilling storytelling I love, freelancing for several incredible clients. Want to connect? Send me a message here.

It’s never, ever too late to do what makes you happy, friends.

Thanks for stopping by!



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