That One Time I Did Yoga

I’m sorry that it has been a few days. I’m pretty sure that I’m the only one who sees this, but for my sake, please accept my apology. I began school this week and needless to say, the amount of work that a professor can fit on one 8 1/2 by 11″ sheet of paper is miraculous. Deep breaths. Also needless to say, I began yoga this week to cope with the stress that I know I will be having soon enough. Deep breaths. And even though she told me to get into “Happy Baby” pose today and the “Plank” almost pushed my muscles over the edge into the abyss of impossible flexibility, I felt very, very relaxed. I believe it’s a good sign when the world melts away and all you have left is yourself, laying on a mat in the middle of the cycling studio, not thinking about how your feet must smell to the man behind you, but rather thinking of yourself on a warm beach. When you can imagine sunshine, coconut oil, ocean spray and strawberries in 30 degree weather, you must be doing something right. So, dear friends, treat yourself to something among the stresses of life that make you imagine you’re on a beach, free of worry, and absorbing the warmth of the sun. Too bad you can’t imagine yourself a tan in January… Until next time.

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