The Perfect Interview Drink

You probably read the title of this post and thought, “What on earth is this girl talking about? Interview drink? What?”

Truth of the matter is that I have actually thought about writing a post on interview drinks many a time, usually in the precise moment that I’m meeting a future employer over coffee or sitting in a reception area when the receptionist offers me something to drink.

I think which drink you choose in your interview really tells a lot about who you are. And, unfortunately, coffee breath could break your interview chances.

Are These Beans Fair Trade?

We all know these people. Maybe we are these people. Dedicated to their favorite roast, never settling for cheap blends. My sister is one of these people. She’s a diehard.

Coffee is a decent interview drink, because you won’t be burping or gulping (hopefully!). But, we must keep in mind that interviews are often in close quarters. And, coffee breath has been the downfall of many suited professionals (I don’t know if that’s exactly true, but I assume it to be the case…).

Coffee breath isn’t easy to get rid of, either. Then, you start feeling self-conscious of your espresso-exhaling, which directly affects the impression of your future employer. “Why is she covering her mouth? Why won’t she make eye contact? Why is she always rummaging through her purse for gum?”

Moral of the story: Don’t sabotage your self-confidence. Coffee is not the best interview drink.

Excuse Me, Do You Have Flavored Perrier?

I have to make a confession – this was me. I am an avid seltzer water consumer. So, when I went in for my interview at the coffee shop (and knowing coffee was not the right choice), I decided to go the sophisticated bottled water route. Perrier is harmless, right? WRONG.

The magic of seltzer water is in those beautiful little luscious bubbles, making you feel like you are enjoying a crisp champagne in the middle of the day and just bein’ a classy lady. But it’s those lil’ bubbles that will TAKE YOU DOWN.

If you haven’t picked up what I’m putting down, let me make it clear for you: Perrier will make you burp. “What’s your greatest strength?” “Burp.” “How could you contribute to this company?” “Burpity Burp.”

If your employer isn’t completely turned off to you by your apparent lack of manners (although we know this isn’t the case, the Perrier made you do it!), they probably won’t be able to understand your answers. Listen, I just don’t want your top-selling quality to be burping the alphabet.

Moral of the story: Skip the Perrier and its devil classy bubbles.

I’d Just Like A Water, Please

If you’re not an adventurous kinda person, I recommend going with plain ol’ water. True, the waiter won’t think much of you, but water is a safe choice.

Unless you’re me, and you drink six glasses in one sitting with a bendy straw.

Don’t slurp it down. Water won’t sabotage your breath or make you burp, but if you consume an obscene amount because you’re nervous and you use the straw as a way to avoid eye contact, I’d pass. Tap water can be your friend, but it also can get everywhere, sweat everywhere, and lead to myriad bathroom breaks.

Moral of the story: Water’s good. I’d avoid cups and straws, but bottled water is one of the safest interview drinks out there.

Hot Tea, Chaps?

I admit, I’m biased. My family has been drinking tea for years, and I grew up on hot cups by the fire. Regardless of my personal attachment, I have come to the conclusion that hot tea is the best interview drink out there. It’s sophisticated,

First of all, tea’s made with water. Remember him? The breath-saving burp-free friend.

Secondly, your interviewer won’t think you’re boring. It’s not just plain water, it’s flavored water that’s warmed up – screams class.

Thirdly, tea is delicious. You can sip pleasantly, nod inquisitively, and discuss that sales pitch you presented in your last company that brought in five new clients.

Fourthly, tea is relatively cheap at coffee shops, and easy to make. You’re not high maintenance. You fit in well. You refill the water cooler. You invite your work friends over for dinner. You’re a good person.

Finally, tea is calming. No more high-strung caffeinated conversations (tea has much less caffeine than coffee), unpleasant stomach cramps, embarrassing burps, or low self-confidence – tea brings a pleasing warmth to the table.

Who knows, maybe they’ll even hire you on the spot.

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