Why Weddings Are Better In Your 20s

Weddings can be very frustrating affairs in those awkward few years between college and being married. Either you are the one that gets married and make your friends feel particularly single, or you are the friend that spends a ton on wedding gift registries and finds a seat minus a plus-one at the singles’ table in the corner. Either way, weddings can be hard to navigate.

I am currently sitting in Illinois writing this post instead of getting ready for the bridesmaid luncheon I’m attending today. Fitting, right? Instead of harping on all the hard things about being the single twenty-something at the wedding, however, let’s get down to the perks. We know there are lots of wedding presents and relatives asking you about your love life and costly dresses that you can’t “shorten and wear again.” Regardless, I still love weddings.

1. You get to dress up and look pretty.

What girl doesn’t want the chance to her hair and nails done and put on a gorgeous dress? Just think of all the photos in which you’re gonna look super hot. Build that portfolio, girl.

2. You get to drink and (mostly) not be judged for it. Sometimes it’s even free.

This starts to get shadier the older you get. Enjoy those glasses of wine and dance around by yourself and take off your shoes. Apparently, these aren’t perks that everyone can enjoy. You appreciate that unencumbered-ness as long as you can. Also, how often do you get to have free champagne? Plus, let’s be real – it’ll be easier to recover the next day.

This is pretty self-explanatory. Generally, we’re broke college kids. Or, broke no-job kids. Or, expensive-habits-low-paying-job kids. Just accept this wedding gift from the gods.

4. You have the energy to stay up past 10PM.

This is becoming a toughy for me. But, if it’s already hard now, how bad’s it gonna be in ten years? Staying up late sometimes is good for the soul. When you look back on this moment, you’re not going to remember how long you slept – you’re going to remember the laughs and the crazy dance moves and that ridiculous wedding gift you brought.

5. You get to share in the moments that build you & your friends’ futures.

This is the biggest, right? Chances are, if you’ve been invited to the wedding, you mean something to that person. They’re letting you into what could be the greatest day of their life. Getting to experience such a huge moment – whether its with a plus one or just with friends – is an incredible honor. Be there and be present because you won’t get those moments back. And, you could miss out if you turn that chance down.

So, take all the chances you can to go to weddings and enjoy having those photos to chronicle your memories. Plus, you’ll be able to steal ideas and see what works (and what looks awful anywhere but on Pinterest) for whenever it’s your day. Cheers!

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