The Lone Explorer

Day 1 in Birmingham, Alabama.

First thought: No one would know if I died.

Today I decided to go on a little adventure. This adventure was the equivalent of me finding the location of all the places I will hope to visit in the future: the Riverchase Galleria, Wal-Mart, a few gyms, the downtown, and, of course, the fastest route to the Southern Progress building, home of Southern Living magazine.


Place 1: My new place of habitation! I will be staying with a couple (both marketing gurus and former Southern Living employees) in the Hoover neighborhood of Birmingham. Aside from the unbearable humidity, I’m loving the closet size of my new room.

IMG_4354 IMG_4355_2

Place 2: My lifelong dream. A few jokes have been shared lately about the Canadian taking up residence in the editorial department of Southern Living… but this Can-American is ready to turn full Southern belle. I am so excited to work in this MASSIVE building (hidden away like a top-secret government hideout, as per Josh…) that houses multiple magazines on a 28-acre campus next to Samford University. Tomorrow, my fellowship begins!

IMG_4357 IMG_4358_2 IMG_4359_2

Place 3: Downtown Birmingham. This historically and culturally-rich city has a mix of ethnically diverse restaurants (including African, India, Italian and Mediterranean), gorgeous steel skyscrapers, high-rises covered in mirrored glass windows, an old railroad yard turned playground/walking park, a minor-league baseball field and the University of Alabama at Birmingham – complete with student parking, a huge children’s hospital, multiple housing complexes and a university bookstore. Downtown Birmingham is to be continued, as per the adventures that are to come!

IMG_4360_2 IMG_4361_2

Place 4: The Riverchase Galleria. This mall is no Cool Springs, but definitely has the largest Forever 21 I’ve ever seen. It’s one of those stores where you walk in, feel immediately overwhelmed that there is an entire section devoted to shoes (those of you familiar with good ol’ 21 know that they’re usually grouped in with the necklaces!), take 45 minutes just walking in a circle not knowing which part to go through first, and then leave empty handed when you realize that there is no chance you have it together enough to limit yourself to only going through 1/50 of the store.

As more exploring arises, more details will be shared. Until next time!

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