Day 2: Good Morning, Alabama!

Yesterday was my orientation at Southern Living. I can’t even describe the splendor of this building – imagine every great thing you’d want in a house packed into a five-story mirrored glass building with a creek running through it and a waterfall outside the door. And, the Cooking Light test kitchen made the whole place smell like shortbread.

We sat in on a panel with some of the top Time Inc. execs, met our managers, and were thrown into the craziness of magazine editorial work. Here are some photos I snapped from the building tour.

Southern Living Test Kitchen


Oh, unlimited cooking utensils? No big.


There are shelves upon shelves of antique and handcrafted bowls that are organized by color. Literally rows of beautiful cake plates waiting to be photographed.

IMG_4380 IMG_4381 IMG_4383 IMG_4384 IMG_4385 IMG_4386 IMG_4387 IMG_4388 IMG_4389 IMG_4390 IMG_4391 IMG_4392

Pretty nice view, eh?

IMG_4393  IMG_4395


Today was my second day at Southern Living but my first official full-blown work day! What a whirlwind!

As my first big-girl task, I got to shadow my boss, Associate Editor Ashley Williams, as she spoke on the Good Morning Alabama newscast about Southern Living’s best Father’s Day gift ideas. Check out these unique twists on Father’s Day here. Apparently, adulthood includes some early mornings and some afternoon yawns.

However, this early morning came with an incredible view.

IMG_4402 IMG_4403

IMG_4407  IMG_4409 IMG_4410

After the news segment, I got to check out a style shoot. Who would’ve thought that I would get to have stickies with tasks like these?! Be on the lookout for these pants in a few months…

IMG_4411 IMG_4412

Until next time,


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