Be Who You Are

Who am I? I am a tea-drinking, bow-knitting, recipe-cooking, sock-sporting, cupcake-icing, blazer-wearing, song-singing, music-making, meringue-baking, poster-hanging, art-painting, color-loving, adventure-seeking sojourner. But, I believe we reinvent ourselves daily with our actions, words, and responses to life situations. It may be a dreary day outside, but choose to be the radiance that comes through the fog.

A few years ago, after traveling across the continent and down to the tip of South America, I came to the very obvious conclusion that, “a smile is the same in every language.” Sounds simple, yes? I never made the connection before – and it’s something that has stuck with me through the years. You don’t have to know someone to portray to them that you are someone who cares enough to share a gesture of kindness. A stranger may speak English but may respond to a different emotional language; these languages are affected by their upbringing, culture, and lives. Be genuinely kind. Don’t let yourself be stopped up with the little things – being cut off in traffic, having a rude encounter at a restaurant, even just waking up with a cold – and choose to smile instead. Be the person you want the world to see.

Welcome To My Blog

If there is anything that I have gathered from the past 19 years of my life, it is that everyone we meet truly is fighting their own battle. People are broken, damaged, yearning, and struggling. It is not our job to be the ones to add to their load – but rather to bring hope, love, and color to a world that is turning increasingly grey. For this reason, I vow to only share the positive, beautiful, colorful and cultured revelations of the life I live. I leave the rest for the world to pile on – but may this place be one of peace, hope, and love for you, just as I will feel in writing it. Explore the beauty.