Be Who You Are

Who am I? I am a tea-drinking, bow-knitting, recipe-cooking, sock-sporting, cupcake-icing, blazer-wearing, song-singing, music-making, meringue-baking, poster-hanging, art-painting, color-loving, adventure-seeking sojourner. But, I believe we reinvent ourselves daily with our actions, words, and responses to life situations. It may be a dreary day outside, but choose to be the radiance that comes through the fog.

A few years ago, after traveling across the continent and down to the tip of South America, I came to the very obvious conclusion that, “a smile is the same in every language.” Sounds simple, yes? I never made the connection before – and it’s something that has stuck with me through the years. You don’t have to know someone to portray to them that you are someone who cares enough to share a gesture of kindness. A stranger may speak English but may respond to a different emotional language; these languages are affected by their upbringing, culture, and lives. Be genuinely kind. Don’t let yourself be stopped up with the little things – being cut off in traffic, having a rude encounter at a restaurant, even just waking up with a cold – and choose to smile instead. Be the person you want the world to see.

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