The Tale of Two Fishies

Even in death, we have the assurance of new life, growth, and restoration.

I bought two fish yesterday and named them Chuck and Blair, after my favorite television show. Poor little guys were quite shaken up from being removed from the giant tank with the fake rock stickers, but seemed to be adjusting just fine in their new home. We put them in the living room, gave them some real rocks, and fed them a good home cooked meal. Needless to say, these fish were going to be well taken care of. Matter of fact, we even rapped them some 2Chainz hummed them a tune before bed.

I woke up this morning so excited to greet the new lives in our home. What adventures we’ll have! Oh the places we will go! Horror of horrors, as I rounded the corner to where the dumplings had been swimming merely hours before, I saw them. I saw them laying there. I saw them laying on the bottom of the tank, floating sideways and lifeless. Both of them. “What has happened?!” I proclaimed to all who were awake at 8:00am. I assume that there are a few possible explanations for their deaths.

Scenario 1: One was Romeo, and one was Juliet.

The black fish (whom we had named Chuck) blended so well into the black rocks we had furnished their living space with that poor Blair/Juliet, the orange fish, assumed we had taken her one true love away from her, and had died of heartbreak. When Chuck/Romeo emerged from his unintended hiding spot in the rocks, he killed himself after seeing his one true love floating lifeless.

Scenario 2: The two fish, having lived probably a few weeks at the Walmart, had experienced a minimally dysfunctional lifestyle at the hands of Walmart customers. Being put in a plastic bag was bad enough, but when they had to listen to two college kids rap Birthday Song over and over in the car, they were on the edge of killing themselves. When they then had to watch pitch perfect and witness others eating Funfetti cupcakes without sharing with them, it thrust them over the edge into a deep depression.

Scenario 3: They were faking death in order to devise a Finding Nemo like plan to somehow be whisked away via toilet pipeline to the open sea. They would be the first ones in their family to go so far in life, and all they wanted was to make Eleanor and Cyrus proud.

Scenario 4: Molly fish require fish tank heaters, and their water should be about 80 degrees. The Walmart fish man never told us.

This post is dedicated to the lives and accomplishments of Charles B. Bass and Blair C. Waldorf Bass. May their lives be a reminder that we should always google things before we take lives into our own hands.

That One Time I Did Yoga

I’m sorry that it has been a few days. I’m pretty sure that I’m the only one who sees this, but for my sake, please accept my apology. I began school this week and needless to say, the amount of work that a professor can fit on one 8 1/2 by 11″ sheet of paper is miraculous. Deep breaths. Also needless to say, I began yoga this week to cope with the stress that I know I will be having soon enough. Deep breaths. And even though she told me to get into “Happy Baby” pose today and the “Plank” almost pushed my muscles over the edge into the abyss of impossible flexibility, I felt very, very relaxed. I believe it’s a good sign when the world melts away and all you have left is yourself, laying on a mat in the middle of the cycling studio, not thinking about how your feet must smell to the man behind you, but rather thinking of yourself on a warm beach. When you can imagine sunshine, coconut oil, ocean spray and strawberries in 30 degree weather, you must be doing something right. So, dear friends, treat yourself to something among the stresses of life that make you imagine you’re on a beach, free of worry, and absorbing the warmth of the sun. Too bad you can’t imagine yourself a tan in January… Until next time.


Everything is relative. It’s never been you alone, because that would be relative to others that aren’t with you. When you feel like something is going wrong – a college student example being a hold on your financial aid or your classes have been dropped – just remember that relative to other problems you could be facing, you are blessed. God will take care of you. So, blessed one, remember that even though your life is relative to others’, their lives are relative to yours as well. So, live a beautiful life and remember that you are never alone.

Be Who You Are

Who am I? I am a tea-drinking, bow-knitting, recipe-cooking, sock-sporting, cupcake-icing, blazer-wearing, song-singing, music-making, meringue-baking, poster-hanging, art-painting, color-loving, adventure-seeking sojourner. But, I believe we reinvent ourselves daily with our actions, words, and responses to life situations. It may be a dreary day outside, but choose to be the radiance that comes through the fog.

A few years ago, after traveling across the continent and down to the tip of South America, I came to the very obvious conclusion that, “a smile is the same in every language.” Sounds simple, yes? I never made the connection before – and it’s something that has stuck with me through the years. You don’t have to know someone to portray to them that you are someone who cares enough to share a gesture of kindness. A stranger may speak English but may respond to a different emotional language; these languages are affected by their upbringing, culture, and lives. Be genuinely kind. Don’t let yourself be stopped up with the little things – being cut off in traffic, having a rude encounter at a restaurant, even just waking up with a cold – and choose to smile instead. Be the person you want the world to see.

Welcome To My Blog

If there is anything that I have gathered from the past 19 years of my life, it is that everyone we meet truly is fighting their own battle. People are broken, damaged, yearning, and struggling. It is not our job to be the ones to add to their load – but rather to bring hope, love, and color to a world that is turning increasingly grey. For this reason, I vow to only share the positive, beautiful, colorful and cultured revelations of the life I live. I leave the rest for the world to pile on – but may this place be one of peace, hope, and love for you, just as I will feel in writing it. Explore the beauty.